A new way of looking at an old wound can be healing. Mercury joins Chiron to gift you with insight. Finding deeper meaning? You could see that this experience has led you to be who you are today. There was a purpose to the pain.


Difficult memories can arise when Mercury meets Chiron. Something that was deeply buried may come back into focus today. Explore what surfaces. Feeling a readiness to let it go? It may never full leave, but a new perspective helps you view the event in a different light.


A friend may go through something you’re familiar with. Ready to impart wisdom? Share your experience as Mercury joins Chiron. Telling your story can save them from increased hurt. Insisting that they deal with their issue head on is the compassionate thing to do.


Struggling with assertiveness? Your mind may wrestle with the right amount of aggression as Mercury merges with Chiron. To succeed you’ll need to exert your willpower. You have every right to show up and shine. Decide and act in order to achieve.


Your Achilles heel can show itself when Mercury conjoins Chiron. Is a belief you hold getting in your way? It could be wise to question philosophical dynamics you grew up with. A change of outlook may be what you need to get over this hurdle.


You’re very perceptive to the difficulties others are facing. Mercury joining Chiron asks you to assert energetic boundaries if needed. Becoming too much? It’s good to be of service when you can, but shielding yourself is also valid. Go off and do your own thing if called.


Distressing relationship recollections may pass before your eyes. Ready to make peace? Mercury joins Chiron to heal past hurts. Twist it around to see the benefit that came out of trying circumstances. Identify how it has beneficially impacted the person you are today.


Wondering if your efforts even matter? Thoughts of ineffectiveness can arise when Mercury meets Chiron. Release the critic. Self-inflicted condemnation can be damaging now. Redirect the urge to say hurtful things to yourself. Switch the narrative to an encouraging one.


Creatively expressing yourself has had its ups and downs. Mercury joins Chiron to insist you pick yourself back up again. Ready to not let those challenges get the best of you? Your inner child may be bruised but is tougher for the wear. Get back on the horse.


A well of compassion is rising to the surface. Mercury and Chiron trigger a recollection that has a healing response. Your early life experience may be at the center of this. Seeing these difficulties through a refreshed perspective? Fill up on this tender moment.


Your outlook may have an edge to it today. Focusing on disappointments? Mercury and Chiron evoke a distressing mindset. Take into account the power of your mind. Change your focus to one that shows you what you do have instead of what you don’t.


Your mind may tell tall tales today. Mercury meeting Chiron can affect your self-esteem. Don’t let it bring you down. Convinced your value is plummeting? Redirect to thoughts that support your self-worth and innate talents. You’ve got a lot to offer.


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