Feeling lonely? Solitude may be the theme when the moon meets Neptune. Find ways to settle into your own company. People may not be available today. That’s okay because this is your chance to rest and recharge. Lay back, tune in, and drop out.


Expect a delay or two today. People keeping you waiting? The moon joining Neptune throws everything off schedule. Give a friend the benefit of the doubt by showing some slack. If you can’t give them any more of your time, let them know in a compassionate way.


A path may open up in your mind’s eye. The moon fusing with Neptune heightens your intuition. Watch it unfold. These visions can be guideposts to success. Is it all just a dream? It doesn’t have to be! Own it fully. Tomorrow you can take the first step to make it a reality.


Give yourself the freedom to play. Your inner child needs room to explore while the moon conjoins Neptune. Appease them. What have you been curious about but haven’t done yet? Go with the flow and give it a try. Today is all about expanding into your version of happiness.


Need a good cry? Psychological overwhelm is likely as the moon meets Neptune. Built up emotions are ready to release. Today's transit can bring all the feelings to the surface at once. It may not even make much sense! Don’t try to figure it out. Just let it go.


You’re tuned into other people’s needs now. Feelings of empathy can inundate you when the moon conjoins Neptune. Show care where you can, but also be sure to keep healthy boundaries. Where’s the line to draw between your well-being and the needs of others?


An energetic lull makes chores difficult. Looking for an escape route? Hold off while the moon meets Neptune. Instead of giving up completely, do a task that requires creativity. Get lost in the process. Leave the details for another day.


Nothing important to do? Good excuse for an outing! Play is on the agenda while the moon meets Neptune. Ask your heart… what do you want to do? Take the first thing that comes to mind and run with it. There is no right or wrong. Only what feels good.


Memories from the past may put you in a funk. Be tender with yourself while the moon merges with Neptune. Even though it’s long ago, it can still consume you. Need a moment to collect yourself? Give space for processing. Trying to force it to leave will defeat the purpose.


Think of yourself as a magician today. Your thoughts hold incredible creative power when the moon and Neptune conspire. Focus your energy on imagineering. See something you want in your inner vision? Concentrate on this picture. Feel it. Believe it. Co-creation is in the works.


Questioning your abilities? The moon meeting Neptune triggers uncertainty. Don’t let a moment of self-doubt derail you. Believe in yourself. This is a test of faith on your end. Envision yourself acquiring what you want instead of what you’re trying to avoid.


You’re in shapeshifter mode. Embody this liminal expression while the moon joins Neptune. Don’t try to name it just yet. Feeling on the verge of a reimagined identity? Give yourself to these transformative shifts. Revel in the mystery of what wants to come out of you.


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