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Our community knows that our best-in-class experts are here to help, with incredible value and accuracy.
Our community knows that our best-in-class experts are here to help,
with incredible value and accuracy.
Caroline says
I've recommended it to so many friends and coworkers who express interest in astrology. I have nothing but nice things to say. 10/10 recommend.
Grace says
use Sanctuary on the daily for my horoscope and I love that they have an overview of transits that are affecting everyone (this is super helpful).
Kendall says
Sanctuary truly makes my day with their tarot, astrology readings and astrological wisdom.

What a special and creative app!
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Feeling lonely? Solitude may be the theme when the moon meets Neptune. Find ways to settle into your own compa...
Expect a delay or two today. People keeping you waiting? The moon joining Neptune throws everything off schedu...
A path may open up in your mind’s eye. The moon fusing with Neptune heightens your intuition. Watch it unfol...
Give yourself the freedom to play. Your inner child needs room to explore while the moon conjoins Neptune. App...
Need a good cry? Psychological overwhelm is likely as the moon meets Neptune. Built up emotions are ready to r...
You’re tuned into other people’s needs now. Feelings of empathy can inundate you when the moon conjoins Ne...
An energetic lull makes chores difficult. Looking for an escape route? Hold off while the moon meets Neptune. ...
Nothing important to do? Good excuse for an outing! Play is on the agenda while the moon meets Neptune. Ask yo...
Memories from the past may put you in a funk. Be tender with yourself while the moon merges with Neptune. Even...
Think of yourself as a magician today. Your thoughts hold incredible creative power when the moon and Neptune ...
Questioning your abilities? The moon meeting Neptune triggers uncertainty. Don’t let a moment of self-doubt ...
You’re in shapeshifter mode. Embody this liminal expression while the moon joins Neptune. Don’t try to nam...

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