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Readings: 1443
Hi, I'm Amy Marie! I'm a radical activist and Scorpio truth-teller. I like to dive deep and honor your truth—let's collaborate!
$4.99 for 5 mins
Modality: astrology
Readings: 1443
Joined: 2019
$4.99 for 5 mins
Readings: 636
I'm Arin, an intuitive healer, clairvoyant, and medium. I specialize in love, grief, prophecy, and assisting people to connect truth!...
$4.99 for 5 mins
Modality: psychic
Readings: 636
Joined: 2020
$4.99 for 5 mins
psychic, tarot
Readings: 1536
I'm Athena, a tarot reader, astrologer and a psychic through cards. I work with empowerment, healing and offering insights. Should we begin?
$4.99 for 5 mins
Modality: psychic, tarot
Readings: 1536
Joined: 2020
$4.99 for 5 mins
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Caroline says
I've recommended it to so many friends and coworkers who express interest in astrology. I have nothing but nice things to say, 10/10 recommend.
Grace says
I use Sanctuary on the daily for my horoscope and I love that they have an overview of transits that are affecting everyone (this is super helpful).
Kendall says
Sanctuary truly makes my day with their tarot, astrology readings and astrological wisdom.

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Shake-ups within friendships? Solid foundations are destabilized as Venus and Uranus clash. You may need to find a fallout....
Making a sudden professional move? You may shock yourself with this snap decision as Venus and Uranus clash! top....
Change of heart? As Venus and Uranus clash, an epiphany transforms your beliefs. What you discover can't be standards!...
Broken trust? Betrayals define the day's events as Venus and Uranus clash. This one’s a doozy. wise....
Shifting alliances? As Venus and Uranus clash, new partnerships form and others collapse. Unsettling, yes. But fast!...
Prepare for a vibe shift today! Sudden events prompt a lifestyle change while Venus and Uranus clash. reality....
Romantic shakeups? Venus’ clash with Uranus forecasts breakups, makeups, sudden attractions – even unexpected it....
Trouble on the home front? As Venus and Uranus clash, the choices of a loved one stir up unrest. break....
Risky alliances? As Venus and Uranus clash, forming bonds with eccentric people can stir up drama. THEM!...
Don’t go overboard! Avoid reckless spending as Venus and Uranus clash. Risky gambles can do serious financial wind....
Is someone bringing out your spontaneous side? Sudden attractions separate you from what you know as Venus and learned....
Secret romance? Venus’ clash with Uranus suggests you avoid putting all your eggs in this basket. last....

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